Underground Founding Mothers

Lenore Skenazy Author of the blog and book

Angeline Piotrowski Co-founder of Publisher of Mommy Myth Buster Momstyle News

Nancy McDermott Writer for

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Paula Spencer Author of blog and book

Denise Author of the blog

Paula Fass Author of book

Hara Estroff Marano Authors of the book

Dr. Benjamin Spock Author of the book

Mainstream Parenting Resources Blog that casts a critical eye over the "science" behind the superiority of various parenting lifestyles

Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner Author of the book

Ori & Rom Brofman Authors of book

Susan Linn Author of the book

Christina Hardyment Author of the book

Ayelet Waldman Author of the book

STATS How numbers are distorted and statistics are misunderstood.

Jen Singer Author of blog MommaSaid.net and book series

Dr. Helene Guldberg Author of the book

Spiked: Parents & Kids

Parents With Attitude A website for parents who want to have a "grown-up discussion" ParentsWithAttitude.com Highlight:

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Josee Meehan Author of blog Adventures In Self Reliance

Erin Heard Makes custom baby carriers and support attachment parenting.

NicoleAuthor of the blog


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